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Parks Vow Renewal | Family Home | Palm Coast, FL

On a beautiful afternoon in Palm Coast, Florida Nicole and Joe couldn't wait to renew their 7 year wedding vows in front of their friends and family in the comfort of their back yard! They couldn't wait to start their lives together so when they originally married, they excitingly eloped. They never had the true celebration they deserved and wanted back in 2010. They knew one day they wanted to share their joy with all of their friends and family present, and this was the best part of this amazing day. Their kids got to witness and treasure this moment forever too!

They had beautiful rich colors of blush and vibrant blue and had hints of christmas throughout their details. The guests where welcomed by a beautiful tree that had ornaments the guests got to write their congratulations on! And can we talk about Nicole's custom made dress?! OH EM GEE! We were drooling over it!!

Words of advise from Nicole:

"Never let anyone else tell you what you have to do. There is no wrong way to get married"

Enjoy the Parks intimate backyard wedding!

Vendor/detail information:

Ceremony Venue: Our Home

Dress: Custom Made

Rings: Local Antique store and Etsy

Florist: Do it yourself

Hair Dresser: Done by Bride

Make up artist: Done by Bride

Caterer: Cafe Eleven

Baker/ Dessert Company: Creme de la Cocoa

Officient: Our Friend, Gary Davis

Bartending Services: Cafe Eleven

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