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Luke + Amanda | Family Ranch | Fort Myers, FL

I've known Amanda for a long time. We worked together years ago at Longhorn Steakhouse in Jacksonville, Florida and she is an awesome country singer too! She is one of the most chill and fun people to be around, so I'm not surprised she fell in love with someone just as laid back and fun (and hilarious) as she is.

Amanda and Luke got hitched in a court house in Nashville, TN a few months prior to their ceremony at a family ranch (backyard wedding) in North Fort Myers, Florida. This little wedding and reception was put together by their closest family members. Simple and sweet is how I would describe this celebration. Food was made and catered, potluck style, from different family members, Amanda with the help of Luke's sister, made the bouquets and boutonnieres, the band was Amanda's uncle and her uncles friend, the father of the bride even sang them their first dance. The entire family planned the wedding together their selves FOR the couple as opposed to the couple putting together a wedding for the family. Isn't this how weddings should always be? :)


Here's a little bit about their back story of how they met and fell in love.

Amanda was working at a car dealership in the internet sales department and always chatted with one of the floor sales representatives. They would talk and laugh and she would tell him hopefully she would meet someone great, one day, similar to his family.

About a month later he busted in Amanda's office yelling "I met your future husband!!! I just sold him a car and sold his parents one last month!" He went on to tell Amanda all about him and how he was tall, handsome, funny, has a great family......etc.

Amanda shrugged it off and went along with it like, "yea right...".

A few weeks later Amanda asked him about the "future husband" out of curiosity in a joking manner as to say "So...where is this mystery man??" He replied, "Be Patient. I got you." Amanda let it go and never brought it up again.

About a month went by and Amanda invited everyone she knew to a political party her friend was hosting. The sales rep friend also went to the party and invited that "handsome mystery man" named Luke. Amanda knew he was invited and when he got there, she was able to check him out first because he didn't know who she was. She went up to him and they chatted for a little. She was very impressed but couldn't let him get that idea that she was into him. So she distracted herself with all her other friends at the party that night and made it look as though she wasn't as interested as she actually was inside.

It started to rain and Amanda glanced back to keep an eye on Luke and to decide her next move, when she saw him walking back to his car. At that moment she thought this was likely the first and last time she would see this handsome guy leaving the party. Did she make an impression? Did she ruin it by giving too much space or being a little too indifferent?

Right then....he came back....he walked straight up to her and handed her an umbrella. She **MELTED**....and not because of the rain...haha!

Their first date after that was at the Predator's Hockey Opening Night and they have been inseparable ever since!

Here is a little bit of Mr. & Mrs. Jerkins country back yard wedding! Enjoy!

Venue | Brides Uncles Ranch in North Fort Myers, FL

Photographer | Two Hearts

Band | Brides Uncle & Uncles friend

Vocalist | Father of the Bride

Dress | David's Bridal

Tux | Mens Wearhouse

Cake & Cupcakes | Publix Bakery

Food | Family Potluck

Floral | Made by Bride & Grooms sister

Tent & Table rentals |

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